3 Business Case Studies Every Marketer Should Study

//3 Business Case Studies Every Marketer Should Study

3 Business Case Studies Every Marketer Should Study

In this post we look at three of the best companies you can study to further your marketing efforts. Each of these companies have a lot of lessons to teach but we have highlighted the specifics of what to look for when studying these companies. From crowd funded ecommerce brands that sold for huge sums to a mattress designed by a rocket scientist all three of these companies have mastered the craft of marketing and have something to teach.

Video marketing: Purple (mattresses)

When it comes to mattress companies you may be surprised how difficult they are to avoid. If you spend much time on YouTube or listening to podcasts there is a good chance you have encountered an ad read or paid promotion for a mattress company. However, we wanted to use mattress company Purple as an example, not of influencer marketing, but of innovative creative content. The online mattress retailer uses humorous videos as the basis of its marketing strategy and the enormous viewership explains their rise to success since their launch in 2016. With an impressive 175,000 YouTube subscribers you wold expect their videos to have several thousand views, however you might not expect them to have 180 million views. The channel’s most popular video (by views) has over 180 million views and of the 75 videos on the channel over 30 have over a million views with many more in the hundreds of thousands. Combine this with other social media such as Facebook where their “How to Use a Raw Egg to Determine if Your Mattress is Awful” has a further 138 million views and you have one of the best examples of video marketing that exists.

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Watch the popular “How to Use a Raw Egg to Determine if Your Mattress is Awful” video below and see how Purple simultaneously educate you on their product and entertain you with humour.

Tone and Messaging: Dollar Shave Club (Razors)

When it comes to dollar shave club there are, as with the other business mentioned in this post, a range of things to learn from them. Dollar Shave Club got a lot right, and continue to do so and we broke down a selection of these in our Dollar Shave Club case study. DSC’s content is some of the best we’ve seen but it is hardly fair to include them on the same list as Purple for content.

Dollar Shave Club went from crowdfunding in 2012 to a $1billion dollar acquisition in 2015 and that doesn’t happen because they do just one thing well, it’s the culmination of a series of perfectly executing everything from branding and messaging to their business model. However, something which does stand out when it comes to DSC’s marketing is their level of understanding of their customer. DSC resonate whit their audience because they understand them, their problems, and they communicate with them effectively. Whilst competitors such as Gillette encounter mixed opinions on their marketing efforts, DSC seems to connect with their audience without fail.

Dollar Shave Club found a tone and messaging that worked and have stuck to it, their only real deviation from this path would be when they give influencers more autonomy in promoting their products but this just speaks further to their understanding how to connect with an audience, after all who knows their audience better than the influencer themselves?

In this post we looked at companies that have effectively navigated the modern marketing landscape each taking advantage of different areas from podcast influencers to creative video content. Let us know your biggest take away from this post, and whether you would like a more in-depth case study of MVMT or Purple in this post on Twitter at @Online_Influx.


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