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There are customers for everything online, make sure they find you.

Claim higher positions in search engine rankings for customers waiting to buy  your products or services with our SEO services from our team of expert SEO account managers.


Online Influx are a national marketing agency, offering marketing to small and medium businesses. As marketers we understand one thing better than most; that the mantra of “build it and they shall come” rarely rings true. Not only for your businesses itself which requires expertly executed marketing strategies to garner customers but for your website a (potential source) of many of those customers. Our specialist SEO teams are focussed on solving this very problem. SEO (which stands for search engine optimisation) is instrumental in driving highly targeted traffic to a website and in turn businesses.

As marketers we have one main job here at Online Influx, effectively and efficiently grab the attention of the right target market so that you can communicate your message to them. And in today’s age the attention on the end consumer is so frequently found online in search engines such as Google. Here at Online Influx we specialise in search engine optimisation (SEO) the art of adapting websites to be favoured by search engines, placing them higher in the search result rankings and drawing more web visitors. The ability to leverage the high volumes of targeted audiences searching for your product or service online can be transformative for businesses allowing extraordinary growth.

When you make a google search how often do you go past the first page? In fact how often do you go past the first few results? Probably very infrequently. Whilst anecdotal this is true of most people making the top search ranking prime digital real-estate for businesses.

The same way a shop in a high footfall shopping centre gets more customers than one in the dark corners of an alleyway, or that a primetime TV show on a major networks receives higher viewership than a show on in the early hours of the morning on a miscellaneous channel, a website with strong Google rankings has far more to offer than one which does not. Our team of dedicated SEO experts, content writers and influencer account managers have what it takes to move your website into the best positions on Google and other search engines helping you to reach more potential customers and ultimately increase your business.

We have worked on local SEO campaigns in and around Middlesbrough as well and national and international campaigns for large e-commerce businesses.