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The internet is becoming increasingly crowded making it more and more difficult to become noticed online, which is why we offer low cost websites (and supporting services) to help you break through the noise and create a cost effective online presence.


A great website is key to maintaining a strong online presence and growing your company in the digital arena. Here, at Online Influx we have the perfect team of web designers and developers to create an aesthetically and functionally magnificent website to form the hub of your business’ online activity, from show casing your products and services to communicating with your audience and customers through a blog.

Built in WordPress, our websites are designed with SEO in mind allowing for search engine optimisation to help potential customers discover you online. They also create ease of access for further development and changes, whether you want to add some content, change some images or have new pages added. This remains true no matter the size of the project. From small scale brochure sites for local companies, in Middlesbrough, Stockton and around Teesside, to ecommerce solutions for large multinational corporations all our websites offer the same core values; mobile friendliness, ease of use and navigation, and SEO friendliness.


Ensuring your site is mobile friendly is crucial if you are to thrive in an online environment.

The number of webs searches which occur on a mobile device is still on the rise and this shows no sign of slowing down. Not only would being inaccessible or unusable on mobile cost you a huge portion of your target market but that margin will continue to increase as time goes on. Your site needs to work on desktop to capture the full range of potential customers but you cannot afford to neglect being mobile friendly. Not only are non-mobile friendly sites a turn off for visitors who will leave for a more accessible site but Google and the other major search engines don’t like them either. These search engines want to provide the best experience possible to their users and they will judge your website accordingly. Do you have a site which is not mobile friendly? Then you are waving goodbye to any hopes of securing top Google rankings. This is why all our sites are not only-mobile friendly but mobile-first for the best mobile experience from navigation to aesthetic.


No website automatically claims the top spots of Google but there are some which definitely don’t and will forever struggle to. SEO is an art and requires in depth knowledge and skill but even the most experienced SEOs can’t work with some websites. Ensuring a website is SEO friendly allows SEOs to work on a website and make changes that make an impact on rankings. We consider this in all our website builds. As a provider of SEO services we know the pain of a non-SEO friendly site and factor this into every project.

Our web design team have experience creating websites of all kinds for businesses of every nature. This means we can work with anyone to develop a site which is truly bespoke and tailored to your individual needs.


Have you ever landed on a website and struggled to find your way around. Perhaps you landed on the home page but you were looking for an elusive contacts page. In this event people almost always give up and move onto the next website meaning not only is the company losing a potential customer but they’re likely losing them to a competitor. Ensuring your website is easy to navigate and understand is crucial to people being able to explore your site as they see fit. Whether they want to browse your product selection or need information from several parts of your site, say your home page and contact page for example, the means of moving from one to the next should be obvious and the transition from one to the other should be smooth and efficient. Here at Online Influx our web design team pride themselves on making even the most complex of websites easy to navigate and always strive to create a smooth user experience.