Social Media News – August 2019

//Social Media News – August 2019

Social Media News – August 2019

Social media updates are constantly popping up. Algorithm updates, new features and the occasional acquisition from one of the big platforms are common and in it seems like everyone has had something to announce recently. In this post we highlight recent news from 4 of the biggest social media platforms which could affect how you use the platforms both as a marker and as a consumer.

Facebook: News Tab

Facebook is set to launch a news tab this coming autumn. Created in part to combat the spread of fake news on the platform Facebook will be introducing a “news” tab for a more curated collection of news outlets and content. The news tab will offer a section of the app where users can read reliable content from trustworthy sources without the same level of due diligence as is required to weed out fake news from the main feed. Facebook has suffered some bad PR recently and whilst Facebook do not necessarily create fake news they do help facilitate the spread of it and are looking to make clear that just because your Aunt shares something on their platform it doesn’t mean it’s true.

Twitter: Topic Subscriptions

Twitter are looking at rethinking their timelines by offering the ability to follow topics. The plan will populate your feed with popular posts around topics you follow from both accounts you do and don’t follow. Current tests of the feature on android are focusing on sports with “topics” including specific sports and specific professional teams. The new approach will allow easier discoverability of relevant accounts creating a new way to grow an audience on the platform.

Know someone who has amazing sports commentary but don’t want to see their opinions on movies? The proposed changes could fill your feed with the stuff you love without the stuff you don’t, regardless of who you follow. The future of the Twitter timeline could look very different with hashtags and topics you follow potentially becoming as important as who you follow or a second “topics” timeline being introduced.

Instagram: Spark AR

Facebook’s filter building tool for creating augmented reality effects, Spark AR, is now open to all users. Formerly the platform was restricted to approved creators but now anyone has the ability to create and upload their own filters. Instagram will also be introducing an effect gallery tab on profile pages so creators can display the effects they create. Opening up Spark AR could create huge Instagram growth for those who can create amazing filters as filters can only be used once you follow the creator. The opening of Spark AR opens opportunities for both effect creators and those who know how to leverage them to create interesting content whether they are an individual or corporate entity.

LinkedIn: Engagement Insights

LinkedIn just launched engagement insights as part of its marketing partner program. Five third party analytical platforms are being introduced as partners that integrate with LinkedIn’s audience engagement API. The partner integrations with Amobee, Ogilvy, Sprinklr, Annaclet and Hootsuite will give users access to data which can inform their content strategies for increased ROI. LinkedIn already offers large growth opportunities and these insights will only further the growth for those who learn how to take full advantage of them.

Bonus: Tumblr

Just two years after acquiring the social network platform, Verizon are selling Tumblr to Automatic the company behind The microblogging site was acquired by Verizon as part of their Yahoo acquisition but is now being sold for an undisclosed fee which is estimated to be around $3 million – significantly less than the $1.1 billion Yahoo paid for the platform back in 2013.

Which update are you most excited about? Are Facebook doing enough to tackle the spread of fake news on their platform, is it even their job to do so? Will Twitter’s proposed changes improve the feed and will LinkedIn insights help users grow on the platform? Let us know your thoughts on Twitter at @Online_Influx.


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